Mermaid off duty | Chrysi Island

Mermaid off duty | Chrysi Island

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It was my first time in Greece. To be honest I was never so attracted to Greece as a traveling destination, it wasn’t on the to of the list, but…all the unplanned events are always memorable. Without having any expectations, we had an incredible vacation. We’ve been traveling for 8 days around the Island of Crete and Santorini island.





One of my favorite destination, with the most impressive views and its famous tropical blue water that cover all possible palette hues of blue and green, is Chrissi Island. The island is uninhabited and it is protected as an  “area of intense natural beauty”. Chrissi island offers two sandy beaches – Golden beach and Kataprosopo beach – on the north and on the south of the island with crystal waters, white sand and a multitude of shells.





We’ve spend some hours on the Golden Beach or Belegrina. This part of the isle is full of broken shells, here the water is crystal clear and has sparkling light blue colors, strongly reminiscent of the beaches of the Caribbean. We enjoyed a very  tasty and good looking Piña Colada served in a pineapple and we took some time to rest on the sunbeds situated along the seashore and lay down under the sun.





Those fabulous shades of blue and the sparkle of the sun rays made me feel like a veritable mermaid in the gentle touch of the waves. I knew that this bathing suit will find its matching location. I couldn’t find a better outfit for this day on the isle than this Zaful one-piece swimwear.

I truly recommend this beautiful place. So if you plan to travel to Crete this summer, don’t forget to plan a trip to Chrissi, only 1 hour away from Crete and you will also enjoy a beautiful boat journey. Bon voyage!

Always invest in great memories!




Luana Codreanu

  • travel4lifeblog/ 20.09.2016Reply

    Thanks for sharing Luana! We want to go to the Golden Beach or Belegrina right now! When we first looked at your pictures we thought that those pictures where taken in the Caribbean! Your post made us want to visit Chrissi Island! Next year we are taking a year off and we will probably spend 6 months in South America then we will probably go to Europe . We will make sure to keep all your travel tips in mind if we end up in Greece! Keep up the great work! Where is your next destination? Do you know?
    Patrick and Cecile from

    • Luana Codreanu/ 23.09.2016Reply

      Dear Patrick and Cecile,

      Thank you for the kind words. I totally recommend you to visit Chrissi and not only. Greece has so many beautiful places to visit. I have so many plans for this year. I’m now in London and the next stop will be Milan most probably. What about you?

      Best regrads,

  • milex/ 23.09.2016Reply

    • Luana Codreanu/ 23.09.2016Reply


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