Fashionably on time | #woodwatch

Fashionably on time | #woodwatch

Ladies and gentlemen,

How are you all doing? How is your summer? Where are you traveling? I’m so addicted to traveling. It’s like a virus, really! I need more and more. I have so many places to visit on my ‘to do list’ this year but until then I have many photos to show you from my trip to Greece.



I’ve always had a huge problem, actually two major problems. One – I’m always late. Two – low battery.  Beautiful! Did you think that I named this blog “Last Minute” Couture without a good reason? Actually I’m always in a rush and I manage to finish my tasks in the last minute. If I don’t have my alarm clock to remind me everything I have to do or the places where I’m supposed to be then… everything is ruined. That’s why I always wear a watch. It’s true that a watch is not only an indispensable gadget but it can be also a fabulous accessory.



Recently I have received an amazing watch from JORD with a bracelet made entirely by REAL WOOD. It looks fabulous! It’s versatile, it looks so stylish with any outfit and its golden Koa wood and rich rose tones encapsulate the beauty of a summer sunset. HERE is the model I own.



Because I love to share all the joy with you, I will give you the chance to WIN a $75 e-voucher for the winner, and everyone who enters gets a $20.00 e-gift card excluding the winner. All you need to do is to sign in here:


Keep on living your dreams,



Luana Codreanu

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