My name is Luana and I’m the owner of this fashionable platform. Here’s a short story about how I got into this:

at the age of 15 I’ve started working as a model and I’ve been doing this until my first year of Uni. It felt like a dream to be surrounded with beautiful designer clothes and creative people. So, after 5 years, while I was still studying Diplomacy, I felt that I should go back to my first love, FASHION.

I’ve created this platform and started to write about things that used to inspire me. Fashion, arts, make-up, international fashion festivals. Things escaladed quickly and I was soon featured in Vogue UK and some other international magazines, as I was attending London Fashion Week. This got me in the attention of numerous brands which became my partners and we have started creating stories through my content and spreading it to the virtual universe.

As I am a perfectionist, I wanted to understand my clients and my community better, so I’ve started an internship in branding. This is how I’ve started to work with different public figures and brands and helped them to improve their image, their message, their personal style signature. Also, this made me the marketing manager of a luxury brand at the age of 22.

After this chapter, I knew that I need to take a styling course and to start seeing fashion outside “my box”. This way, I’ve started to understand how to be more courageous in mixing and wearing different styles and how to choose them to perfectly suit my clients.

Now, I want to help women in their process of becoming what they always wanted, to improve their self confidence, self love and create the most suitable “exterior” to match their souls.

So here’s what you will find on this platform:

Our editorial goals: to keep you updated with all the “last minute” trends, must-see places, beauty must-haves, tips & tricks, personal development and how to create your personal signature.

Our holistic goals: to connect with powerful souls who are ready to become the best version of themselves and to spread their WORD.

Our services:


✔️ Personal branding strategy & image consultancy

✔️ Customised styling sessions. We create the perfect wordrobe.

✔️ Personal shopping sessions

✔️ Personalised consultancy for personal brand and how to make money from this

✔️ Discover your personal styling signature

✔️ Discover what is your style (what suits you)

✔️ Start on Social Media


✔️ Brand strategy

✔️ Content creation strategy

✔️ Creative social media campaigns

✔️ Improve social media platforms (identity, message, target, who to communicate)

For prices and details about all the services, do not hessitate to contact us at or you can use the contact form.

With  love,