First day of #winter

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First day of #winter

Dear lovelies,

How are you? Did you miss my outfit posts? I’m sure there was a little feeling over there, that’s probably why you’re reading this new article right now. Or, if you’re here for the first time, get ready for a new addiction. Let’s see which is gonna be you new addiction?

I’m so excited about this new season. We’re done with all the autumn falling leaves and moody weather…and not only the weather…#moodswings ? anybody? 😄

I’m not a huge fan of autumn, even if I should be, I mean I was born in November…and I should be happy about my birthday…but one day in a pack of three months??? NO WAY!

Now, we’re closer to a new season, closer to Christmas. YAY!

I love this time of the year. I feel so much joy in every cell of my body. I was probably one of Santa’s little elves in another life hahaha.

I’m totally happy that this year December is quite friendly in terms of temperatures. I hope that it stays like this till January, cause I’d really need some human temperatures to be able to wear my clothes…cause otherwise, I’m gonna wear all my clothes, layered, in one outfit.

I don’t know how much informations do you have about winters in Romania…but I’m telling you people, they’re not friendly at all! At least not for the fashionistas.

You either wear all your closet, or you just spend the rest of winterish days at home, with your cozy blanket and tones of hot tea…

Dream on, senioritas, but we’re not royalties, at least not me (not YET 😄), so we need to work, to face the beauty of Romanian winters.

Until I see the less friendly part of or fairytale like winters, I wanted to show you a cute outfit, right in time to brighten up those foggy days, to bring up some joy and positive vibes.

I’ve mixed some items that I used to wear this summer, like those pink jeans and my fave denim jacket, and paired them with some winterish items and a touch of glam.

Two facts I have discovered lately about myself:

  1. I need some more glitter in my life. In this case I found my soulmate boots.
  2. I love fur… I can’t help it… I promise to wear more fake fur, but I love it, I’s wear it even with pajamas or a swimsuit…I don’t care…I just love FURS.


I think there might be some other facts too…

  • I will never give up on my favorite color: PINK!
  • I feel like a superwoman when I’m in those boots.
  • I love December, mostly because of Christmas and because I’m going to receive so many gifts.


P.S. Santa, if you’re reading this, I was a good kiddo, just so you know… I mean, look at my face in this photos…










I’ve even followed the traffic rules.. I have to receive that long wishlist under the Christmas tree, right?

Tell me, chicas, what about the outfit?


W H A T  I  W O R E


Boots | Made in Italia

Backpack | My Wallit

Tights | Calzedonia

Jeans & Denim Jacket | Zara





I hope that you have enjoyed this article and found that inspiration that you were looking for.

Don’t forget to follow your heart!

With love,



Luana Codreanu

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