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Welcome to our fashion society!


My name is Luana and I’m the editor of this fashionable sanctuary that you are browsing right now. Let’s share some secrets now that you’re one of the pieces of our enormous puzzle.


What I love: chocolate (especially white chocolate), shoes (those high-heeled and very uncomfortable ones), pugs (those tiny dogs that look like aliens), minimalistic design, black and white, summer, to dream and to LOVE.


My team: young, talented, bohemian and creative people, art passionates and fashion addicts.


Our goals: to keep you updated with all the “last minute” trends, cool places, fashionable people, special discounts and giveaways.


To our future collaborators:


We are at your disposal for any type of inquiry which sustains our vision and matches our style.


✔️ ready to travel to any cool places and write the best reviews for our readers

✔️we’re in to attend awesome events and share with our virtual friends stricking/intriguing backstage insights

✔️ more than ready to plan and develop beautiful fashion editorials and advertorials featuring unique pieces of clothing made by creative and talented designers


We look forward to long-term successful partnerships with brands, magazines and talented designers.


With all my love,