Find your inner #DIVA | LFW

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Find your inner #DIVA | LFW

Let me ask you a question: how often do you make yourself a compliment? How often do you look in the mirror and say to yourself “I’m beautiful”? Sounds like narcisism? I can assure you it’s not, only if it’s overdosed…but we’re not talking about excesses here.

The way we see ourselves is the way other people see us. It’s no drama, but the one and only truth. You can be Miss Perfection, the most beautiful, the most intelligent, the most kind and generous…but if you only keep it for yourself and you don’t let people around see your potential then you’re screwed.


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We’re in the era of dynamism, everything is changing so fast. Now you’re here, tomorrow you’re there…now you’re down, tomorrow you’re on top. You never know what tomorrow holds. You need to live the MOMENT, to tell the world what you want, make them listen to you, make them believe in you, give them reasons to follow and take you seriously.

Since “inner diva” may sound a little bit superficial, let me clarify something: I’m not encouraging you to fake out a Hollywoodian diva, but to show the world that infinite power and strength that lays inside. It’s good to show off, it’s good to be tough, it’s great to love yourself and to be confident. Although, be aware that is a very fine line between love or hate. All you need is a bit of self control. Everything should be natural! Act like you own it, girl!


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Once you’re in the spotlight I should warn you that is not as pretty and pink as it seems. The higher you get, the harder it gets. It’s the “altitude”, babe! But it’s also the attitude! Sometimes being in the spotlight is not the easiest way of living. I won’t lie, it’s amazing to have the opportunity to meet and be surrounded by famous people, but perfection doesn’t exist. There’s no perfect life, there are no perfect people, only a favorable angle.


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   What I’ve learned from my latest experiences is that happiness and confidence comes from the inside. It’s just the way we (choose to) see ourselves. Always search for your inner diva, dig deep and search for you strength and confidence resources! You can’t conquer the world if you don’t believe in yourself, if you don’t love yourself. There will be a few people in this world who are going to be there when you feel alone. Be your own support system! Trust your instinct! Listen to you inner diva!

   And if you’re down, put a pair of high-heels, the highest ones and follow this quote, make it your daily #mantra: “high heels, high expectations”.

   You can have your dream life, but you’ll need to fight for it! Believe in yourself ! Put your head up and see your life as a runway.


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Stay positive!


Luana Codreanu

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    What I learned from my past experiences are that the happiness and confidence comes from within. It’s just the way that we (want) we seeWhat I learned from my past experiences are that the happiness and confidence comes from within. It’s just the way that we (want) we see nice Style Nighties

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