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Find your inner #DIVA | LFW

Let me ask you a question: how often do you make yourself a compliment? How often do you look in the mirror and say to yourself “I’m beautiful”? Sounds like narcisism? I can assure you it’s not, only if it’s overdosed…but we’re not talking about...

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To my one and only

Last day in London. After 4 days of sun, now it’s quite rainy and foggy. There are so many things that I’d like to see and so many experiences to take advantage of, but unfortunately not enough time. Tomorrow I have to take the plane...

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LFW Experience

Hello lovelies! I couldn't wait to get back home, to drink a glass of wine and to take some time to write few lines about my experience at London Fashion Week. If I was asked to gather all my thoughts about this experience in only one word,...

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