Karma’s a…

Karma’s a…

What if karma is a…?

 If you’re constantly reading my articles, you’ve probably noticed that I love to read, talk, write about spiritual things, personal growth and finding new ways to improve our lives.



   While searching for answers at a certain point I’ve realized that we meet so many people in our lives and we get through so many circumstances that are certainly meant to happen. We meet people and we instantly feel like we’ve met them before, or we feel like some places are very familiar to us even if we’ve never seen them before. We get that strange feeling that we’ve already been there at a certain point or we start to think that maybe we’ve seen it once in our dreams…

  But what about the people? What about those people that seem to know everything about you? What about those people that give you the feeling of knowing them since forever? Those with whom you have so many things in common and when you’re with them hours feel like seconds.



   Us humans…sometimes we’re just too curious, we’re struggling to find all the answers but we forget the most important thing…to live & enjoy the moment.

   If you understand the way that karma works you will realize that life can be brilliant. It’s just a simple mechanism that you need to understand. The principle of karma is that we all have many lives, we meet people, we live our lives properly or less, we love, we hurt, we give or we steal.. Karma works as a boomerang – what goes around comes around.


   Sometimes it’s hard to deny that karma’s a total b*tch but we should keep in mind that every hurt is a lesson! It reminds us about our destination. Karma is the teacher and the one who guides us to self improvement.

  One of my favorite brands launched this summer a precious collection. It’s  THOMAS SABO Karma Beads which send out positive energy, happiness and an individual’s personal karma style. THOMAS SABO celebrates life! A positive attitude to life and the beautiful things in life serve as a source of inspiration for this collection. With the “Wheel of Karma” pendant and its wonderfully detailed workmanship, the 12 Karma pendants and more than 130 different Karma Beads it is possible to configure unique and quite personal jewellery combinations.

   You can buy your own from their website or from Helvetia Luxury Watches in Bucharest. Starting this month I’ll be the official brand ambassador of Thomas Sabo for Helvetia Luxury Watches.




Luana Codreanu

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