#LFW | D A Y 1

#LFW | D A Y 1

Hey babes,

Oh.. I came back to life this morning. I can’t believe that London Fashion Week is over! I’m already missing that positive vibe…all those incredible people, all those beautiful clothes, the blow-minding fashion shows, all those very friendly and super talented photographers… Well, good morning! I’m back to reality.

I guess that you’re all very curious to find out what happened during the first day of London Fashion Week. That’s why I’m here, to let you know everything, so…here’s the resume:

#LFW | DAY 1

08:00 a.m. – Wake up, wash your face, grab something to eat, dress up (chose my outfit one week before), find that bloody oyster to get into the tube…

bla bla bla – make-up – hairstyle – change your hairstyle – put a jacket on cause it’s freezing outside – “where’s my bag?!”

9:30 – running to the tube station with one of my BFF’s ( Our Vivids) trying to arrive to our first fashion show of the season

10:00 – where is that sh*tty tube? which is the good one? did we take the wrong direction? London is awful!

10:30 – Arrived! Hello, Picadilly Circus! Where is the Car Park? You should have seen how crowded is Soho..

almost 11:00 – There you are! There’s a photographer taking some photos to me…this is the place! Few steps more, another photographer, lost my friends, now I’m taking photos!

12:00 – I need a break! Done with the street style! Where are my friends? Where is the show? No signal..Low battery…My phone is dead… Going to Starbucks to have a coffee and charge my phone’s battery.

12:30 – My friends are here..now we’re all here, having a coffee and admiring all that crazy and extremely fashionable outfits around us. Starbucks suddenly turned into a fashion show!

13:00 – back to Car Park, on our way to the shows, the atmosphere….AMAZING! Those clothes, accessories, hairstyles, make-up…. WOW! Look, there are my photographer friends from last season’s Fashion Week! (kisses, hugs, taking some photos, sharing memories…)

13:30 – Edeline Lee presentation – queuing for like 30 minutes, freezing, eating some salmon and sweet potatoes while waiting and trying a new detox drink, making new friends… a super kind (probably) 50 years old madam who was wearing a hat with some fluffy toys on it asked us to help her with something… it seems that she’s journalist..she’s going to many shows..

14:00 – Finally inside the show! Phone is dead..AGAIN! Ask for a charger…then SNAPCHAT! INSTAGRAM! live live live | Loved the collection! Visit my Instagram for some snaps. BTW, met the most amazing and hilarious thing in the whole world: a guy dressed up in a plastic doll..OMG!

15:00 – On our way to The Bardout bloggers event. This city is always so crowded! It’s so cold outside! Let’s run..do we have to walk more?!

15:30 – We’re here! Nobody’s here..the event is going to start at 16:30…” you girls need to wait a half an hour more”…ok! took a glass of orange juice..took a sit, we started to stare like crazy to some super cute boys who were downstairs trying to learn how to become bartenders?! Really???? Then, I met Jessica. Her PR agency organized the event.

UPDATE // those guys were models, trying to entertain us (the super tired starving nervous bloggers) and… it worked! hahaha

16:30 – On my way back home! First time traveling alone in the tube…Quite cool!

17:00 – Eating! I’m starving! I’m tired! I need some sleep…

20:00 – Choose some clothes, shower, make-up & hair done, let’s get ready for party!

21:00 – On my way to Edeline Lee after-party. Not that nice.. Didn’t like that Wimbledon club…not my type… I want to have fun! The drinks are awful…

23:00 – Going home! Time to sleep!

T H E  E N D

#OOTD | D A Y 1 – season’s must-haves :

  • Denim
  • Fur collar
  • Wool maxi coat
  • Mom’s Ripped Jeans
  • Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz ( colors of the year)


B R A N D S | Cathias Edeline, Funkers.ro, C&A, Taylor Morris Eyewear, Guess watch, Paul Hewitt bracelet, The Bardout





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R A M I  B I T T A R

With love,


Luana Codreanu

  • Mila Godevskaya/ 25.02.2016Reply

    Welcome back after long, but really in a big way with such a brilliant outfit, stylish, trendy and modish to the nth power!!!
    You’re a real fashionista till the details like the decorations and the fringes on the heels of your shoes!
    Everything on you is perfect: just amazing!
    Btw among season’s must-haves you forgot that mom’s ripped jeans must be cropped too!!!



    • Mila Godevskaya/ 26.02.2016Reply

      ….and, i forgot to say, cropped like the ones you’re wearing of course!!

  • Dressed To Kill/ 26.02.2016Reply

    WoW! Amazing look as usual 🙂 Love your style ♡

    Visit our blogger platform http://www.dressed-to-kill.com

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