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Fashion & Arts

Few days ago I decided to let myself guided by the rays of sunshine and to have a relaxing walk through the Palace where arts reign, National Museum of Arts. It took me a couple of hours to see all the wonderful paintings, but when I stepped into the last room i felt like I would do this all over again.



Unfortunately my feet were no longer able to continue after I spent almost 4 hours admiring every corner of those beautiful rooms wearing high heeld shoes. After a long walk a short break was really needed, so I decided to continue admiring the museum from a not really confy bench… in few minutes all the silence has been disturbed by a great number of people looking like elfs we used so see in cartoons. They were celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day. I enjoyed each minute I spent next to them admiring their enthusiasm and their positive energy.

At the end of the day I went to the Romanian Athenaeum and took some pictures which I’m going to share with you today.




Jacket designed by my dear friend Ioana David
Zara jeans
Mango boots
H&M hat
Vintage earrings



With love,



Luana Codreanu

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