Pegas, the horse of Muses

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Pegas, the horse of Muses

Do you believe in  fairy tales? I do! I’m a dreamer and I have the soul of a child. I believe in beauty – in beautiful people with beautiful souls, I believe in nature and flowers and birds and LOVE.

Today I wanted to share with you a little story.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl. She always wanted to fly. That was her dream. She used to believe that everything is possible and her dream will someday become reality. She grew up and forgot how to dream but learned how to fight for her goals. She realized that she cannot fly for real but all the great things she managed to realize till that age made her feel like she was flying.

The point is that our dreams will always become reality. It’s only about the perspective.

Thank you Pegas Romania and Lachatterie for the beautiful props that animated our story.


lachatterie pegas5

lachatterie pegas2

lachatterie pegas4

lachatterie pegas3

lachatterie pegas6

                                              (Photo: Mihai Vasile | Many thanks to: Pegas Romania & Lachatterie)


With love,



Luana Codreanu

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