LFW Experience

Hello lovelies! I couldn't wait to get back home, to drink a glass of wine and to take some time to write few lines about my experience at London Fashion Week. If I was asked to gather all my thoughts about this experience in only one word,...

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Bloody red for rainy days

Hello lovelies! My exams are almost passed and I'm ready to press the START button and get back to reality. Guess what's going to happen at the end of February! Do you have any idea what impressive event is coming? I will tell you, because I'm so...

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Opulence, Furs and Men

Furs have always been a symbol of opulence, wealth, influence and glamour…They have always been attributed to the aristocracy and nobility, especially in the medieval times when the “Sumptuary Laws” stated that furs were garments which could to be worn exclusively by the upper strata...

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Fashion & Arts

Few days ago I decided to let myself guided by the rays of sunshine and to have a relaxing walk through the Palace where arts reign, National Museum of Arts. It took me a couple of hours to see all the wonderful paintings, but when...

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